Vaccine Declination

<<The below information reveals the following:
COVID-19 Vaccine Declination.
I have constantly received a direction from the Australian Government in one way or another pushing their mentalities & I feel very intimidated, harassed & continuously victimized by the Australian Government & it’s Press & our Public Services wanting to force “us the people” to receive the experimental COVID-19 poison/vaccination/s, which I think violates their own “Duty Of Care” Act, especially with the track record of these horrific results, Thus as I see is being illegal in every way & any way what so ever.

I note the following information published by the Therapeutic Goods Administration on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health:

  • The Australian Public Health Assessment Report for BNT162b2 (mRNA), with Propriety Product Name: Comirnaty, and Sponsor: Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd, dated January 2021.
  • The Australian Product Information Sheet for the Pfizer vaccine above.
  • The Australian Public Assessment Report … Continue reading