Russia is not the boogeyman.


Russia NEVER had black slaves nor did Russia create a market to trade black people (1600-1800).

Russia NEVER participated in the Berlin conference to share Africa like some piece of goat meat (1884).

Russia NEVER colonised, underdeveloped and looted Africa’s resources (1914-1960).

Russia NEVER enabled a safety net for African leaders to hide stolen funds, use these stolen funds to develop itself and then grant the same funds back to Africa as loans.

Russia never invaded and destabilized any African country (Libya, Somalia, Congo, Burkina Faso, Egypt, South Africa, et cetera).

Russia NEVER killed any of African Freedom Fighter but UK and USA have killed hundreds of of our Saviours and thousands you of our African Freedom Fighters are still languishing in different prisons and dungeons all over America.

Who killed Marcus Garvey of Black Panther USA.

Who killed Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.

Who killed Patrice … Continue reading