RBC flooded FF industry w billions over the last 5 years

<<I felt betrayed.

It was a morning like any other at Greenpeace when I learned that my bank, RBC, had dumped $208 billion into the fossil fuel industry over the last five years. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

My bank’s shiny new net-zero goal had led me to think it was using its power to speed up the green energy transition when, all the while, it had been using my money to slow it down. And the worst part? RBC is just one of Canada’s big banks marketing itself as green, while funneling money into fossil fuel expansion.

Miss, to bring about a green energy transition, we need all hands on deck. That’s why Greenpeace is launching a campaign demanding that Canadian banks do their part in building a fossil-free future. We’re planning to expose their greenwashing narratives, draw attention to their dirty investment practices, and mobilize tens of thousands of supporters to speak out — all … Continue reading