Unsere Kinder zu Tode spritzen.


Dear Canadian parents:

If you want to understand in whose pure incompetent and dangerous hands you put your children in, regarding decisions that will reverberate for the rest of your child’s life: please read the letter that Health Canada wrote in response to questions from a Canadian doctor about the interim authorization of the C-injections for 12 – 17 year-olds.

Maybe in time I will write an analysis, because many people might not see through the standard BS that pops up in their letters time and again. But please read it carefully for yourself:

It is shocking. Again.


Dr Benoit’s questions:


On what basis is emergency interim authorization given for Covid-19 vaccination of children?

What is the quantitative evidence of morbidity and mortality in Canadian children aged 12 to



It is stated that the risk-benefit profile is “considered favourable” however, no quantification of risk … Continue reading