Windsor hospital poisoning patients against their will

Amazing outcome that main stream media is reporting on a legitimate protest – what they failed to report however is the fact that the lady who got the number one conflict of interest drug which is known to shut down peoples’ vital organ systems such as kidneys and liver, (‘rim death severe’ is what dictation makes out of it ) Remdesivir, licensed to Anthony Fauci the Director of the CDC, specifically in writing expressed her own will not to be poisoned with that drug,

Protests ensued when it became known that the hospital in Windsor administered the drug anyway.

Everybody I know has health malfeasance horror stories and I’m going to be airing a few on my twitch channel yes the healthcare in this country is absolutely colonial and corporate and therefore not in the least conducted in the interest of regenerating anybody’s health. It is however conducted in a way to generate insane industrial profits, where the governments of Canada and the provinces are in an extreme conflict of interest when it comes to anything health of the residents of Canada.

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