PLAYLISTEN barKanada November und Dezember 2009

This is the playlist of the December edition, airing @ Radio Tonkuhle SAT, DEC 12th 2009:
Hier kommt die Liste der gespielten Stückchen der December-Ausgabe, ging über’n Tonkuhle Sender am Sa, Dec 12th 2009:

Santa Baby (Joan Javits and Philip Springer 1953) The Good Lovelies Under The Mistletoe 2009
Mele Kalikimaka (Robert Alexander Anderson 1949) The Good Lovelies Under The Mistletoe 2009
Lonesome Highway, JACKSOUL Soulmate 2009
Héresie MalAJube MalAJube 2006
Porte Disparu MalAJube MalAJube 2006
Qui Ne Suis-Je Daniel Bélanger “Nous, Filles Fragiles” 2009
J’aime Ton Soleil Daniel Bélanger “Nous” 2009
One Light Left In Heaven Blue Rodeo Things We Left Behind 2009
The Next Revolution Trixie Whitley Myspace
Emporte-Moi Christine Atallah And The Bassalindos Escapades 2006
I Love U Tri-Continental myspace
Dana Sipos Tuktoyaktuk Pingos 2009
Dana Sipos Of The Sun
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so – trying to install the right feel, have to unzipp some files … how is everybody doing?

In case u’re starting to wonder where I ever went: Nowhere. Just startet working really hard. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to u my business card:

Your independent audio brokerYour independent audio broker

Nice little in-house production. Koodows (doKows?) to the giMP. Also am on twitter.

Really enjoying the weather.  Sonne nur limitiert durch die schon merkliche Kürze der Tage. Plusgrade, da darf man still in sich hineinlächeln und manchmal, … Continue reading