Ladies & gentlemen, The A side!

A 22 year young Brian E Downey here so precise on these really sophisticated fills and rolls, at the same time so loose and in the back pocket at all times after only three years of playing the drums at all – really creating a testament to the Motown style in this recording ! Lucky him his fabulous singer performer musician wife #PattiHall introduced him into the Detroit scene!

If you have noticed other Detroit or Chicago recordings with Brian E. Downey on the drums please let us know – this is however the only vinyl that survived in his household!

“I’m Catching On 1966 – Betty Lloyd (Martha & The Vandellas on back vocals!) A side.mp3”-

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1. Whatever you do, change only one thing at a time. If that change interferes with scripts that are necessary to run in order for your website to function the way you intended, then you will immediately understand what caused the problem.

To illustrate that: if you were thinking of installing a new plug-in, install the plug-in and then look at your page, and then activate the plug-in, and then look at your page again to see what that actually does.

If everything is working smoothly, you can install and activate the next plug-in.


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so – trying to install the right feel, have to unzipp some files … how is everybody doing?

In case u’re starting to wonder where I ever went: Nowhere. Just startet working really hard. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to u my business card:

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Nice little in-house production. Koodows (doKows?) to the giMP. Also am on twitter.

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