Canadian Crime Minister racketeering doc

The arrogance, the vacuum like absence of recourse or conscience, of any basic ethics nor understanding, not to expect empathy for what a violation of rights does to a victim, that Trudeau Junior has shown in the WE scandal and earlier under accusations of infringing in somebody’s bodily autonomy have shown the Canadian people the true colours of this criminal early on.

This is why by child abuse traumatized individuals need healing in a natural setting away from their social circle of crime and cannot be in office while they are acting out their trauma that knows only control and fear and from that experience has embedded that compliance is survival.

That is not an American way of life.

I’m not referring to the United States, that is the other for-profit corporation offering government services that nobody needs to opt in on, as it turns out – please see my earlier treatments on the matter on this site

A Sovereign’s Take – an interview with Kelly Anne Wolfe


Cross the land – it is your sacred right

It’s a sad tradition yet to CATTLE around your people and cash in on their backs while you brandish them, pump them full of antibiotics and shoot them up with toxic, contaminated wanna be vaccines in a hidden field experiment breaking 5 to 10 North American laws and the Nuremberg code not to speak of international human rights violations is unacceptable for any place in this world but especially for Turtle Island, the indigenous words for the whole of America and the Caribbeans.

Why am I calling it that way and I keep calling it that way? because in Canada every man and woman is now legal to self declare and thus either express their original status or become adopted in an indigenous nation, to no longer be subjected to the corporate dictation circus. Yeah the good news that you don’t read anywhere, with the complicit, rest assured media blackout in legacy media since Canada ratified on the longest day of the year: summer solstice in June 2021. It feels like a staging for something else doesn’t it ? who would’ve thought that drama and fear go together so well!

Indoctrination and the first past the post fraudulent pretence election system fitting for a pretence government leader really being the pretty face at the Galleon of an organized crime organization let all that go unaccounted for, just like the scandalously unjust outcomes of the Ghomeshi prosecution to name just a most egregious example of the miscarriage of justice that is Canadian court decisions towards the women and men slaving for their judges’ salaries.

As was to be expected in the psychopathic disease that is child abuse and the absolutely soul crushing vicious circle that ensues in the change game of victim and perpetrator as time goes by,

hardly ever breaking the cycle of fear and control, victims suffer from slave like bodily violation and the feeling of being less than dirt.

Few recover from the trauma and I understand why.

The latest episode of that perversion, very sick perversion of the relationship that should be between a representative and the constituents is yet breathtaking in its dimension and delusion.

Somebody stop this mad man that has befallen this beautiful land! Apparently in the old country, of which this place here in the north of North America seems to be just an extension upon further examination, the police has started an investigation into the experimental genetic treatment by injection for its genocidal character and effect.

In Canada?! We have another court case ourselves!

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