“The size of his – whatever .” A long due master bash of the prezeldent by renowned Bruce Cumings @UOC, IL

The long over due rebuttel of a lot of language that came out totally wrong. Wait, where is he? Oh yeah, teaching at University Of Chicago. Chicago, yeah that sure xxxxplainzz it! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I welcome u and proudly present to u some of the brightest of this… Continue reading

Sat 11am EST Spektakel feat. Danny Draher’s Organ Trio live @ Rosa’s Lounge

Sat 11am EST; Spektakel (every 2nd Sat of the month since 2008) on tonkuhle.de featuring the second set of “The Danny Draher Doppler Effect” live at Rosa’s Lounge, Chicago, IL. One time airing so don’t miss it, it’s an amazing concert from about a year ago with sound like no… Continue reading

Spektakel auf Sendung am kommenden Samstag

Hört wieder rein in meine Sendung SPEKTAKEL am kommenden Samstag 11am EST/17h MEZ live stream auf Radio Tonkuhle Ich habe Musik aus CHicago im Gepäck und Auszüge von Amy Goodman’s Climate Countdown:

September Spektakel: Chicago special mit Tamarie Tee am Samstag

Chicago-Special: Spektakel auf Sendung am kommenden Samstag! schaltet wieder ein live stream auf Radio Tonkuhle: jeden zweiten Samstag im Monat, meine Sendung Spektakel, wo die heisseste Show in der Stunde vor Mitternacht beginnt, wenn die ersten professionellen Musiker von ihren eigenen Gigs kommen, alle treffen sich zum All Pro Jam… Continue reading

Spektakel on air Sat 13th of September 2014

Howdy y’all, glorious summer for us here in the dictatorship of Stephen Harper (peace noble prize nomination when he really has been doing nothing but inciting hate with the most divisive policies ever known to Canada and pushing war – wth, Nobel Peace Prize Committee?) – In the upcoming show… Continue reading