Allergy? Or disease?

Last Friday’s presentation @StiftungCoronaAusschuss added the missing piece for me – since about two months I kept pointing out that, officially there’s no proof of the virus ! now after these two independent researchers #DrShankaraChetty #HansTolzin ,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer,,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer

one of which is an emergency MD – it is clear why the genome of this virus was never completely sequenced and there is no Koch postulates established: in fact what we are seeing is an ALLERGIC reaction to an over-stimulus in the injection or the disease causing agent, which is the cytotoxic spike protein / what ever other toxins are in the thing!
And that’s the other question that I had : what in fact is actually the difference between a disease and an allergic reaction?!?!
Looks like there isn’t one! That’s why we need a test that’s pretty much always testing positive. #pcrtestfraud
Otherwise how can we keep the panic … Continue reading