Ottawa-South Councillor Diane Deans turfed

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<<Council turfs police board leader Diane Deans amid trucker protest tensions

A political coup led by Mayor Jim Watson’s leadership core on council led to Coun. Diane Deans being turfed from chairing the Ottawa Police Services Board on Wednesday, which was Day 20 of the occupation crisis in Canada’s capital.

A whole term of acrimony that has been bubbling in council came to a head in the evening hours during a closed session of a special meeting and spilled over into the public portion. The “siege” of Ottawa, as so many people have described the “Freedom Convoy” occupation, has shaken city hall.

It was a meeting like none other during Mayor Jim Watson’s administration.

There was anger. Tears. Confusion.

A closed portion of the meeting broke out in … Continue reading

Interview with Convoy management?

Really nice talk last night with Management and even so they’re in very tight negotiations that only begin today, I might be able to give everybody a little bit of background on the people who are behind this demonstration.

Just like in this song it’s beautiful every day people who just want their lives back who should’ve never given their livelihoods to a cause that wasn’t even a cause,

Make sure you check my podbean tonight. This is our bottom line of a few days ago.

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It is galvanizing to watch these machines finally turned against the stream.

Trucks have a special fascination and always will have because no matter what the fuel of the future is going to be

the fascination with a big shiny machine is never going to end as long as humans are humans.

It is very interesting to note how all this is organized on a somewhat free array of networks allowing for into action and two-way media where even the audience can participate in fact the audience can become the media at any time and now that many of us have these resources in place

the black out in main stream will not matter anymore

And in dependency crystallized union organizations have no significance nor do industry associations – in … Continue reading