Chinadoll at the gates


Chinadoll is heartbroken to face the loss of five of her friends to suicide.

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check out freedom loving Canadians dropping their two cents in front of Parliament. In our hearts and minds only? Lonely?

Come by n try on a Saturday night! Live! with the trucker who never left

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False flags in Ottawa

Dear Maren,

When the Freedom Convoy set course for Ottawa two months ago, our government and the mainstream media seemingly worked in tandem to derail the conversation about the movement.  

First, they downplayed the scale of the protest. Then they smeared it before finally unleashing the full force of the state to violently shut it down. 

The truckers’ demands were simply to drop all the COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.  

But no one in government was interested in hearing them out or conceding that the pandemic policies enacted over the past two years had anything to do with the growing discontent among the people our politicians allegedly represent.  

Early in the protest, as truckers began to arrive in Ottawa, several incidents involving inappropriate flags took place.  

The first one involved a widely published photo of a mysterious truck parading a Confederate flag near the protest site. Then videos of a masked man … Continue reading

RCMP email leak

Dear Maren,

A shocking series of internal messages written by RCMP riot cops have been leaked to the media.

The messages are in what appears to be on a WhatsApp group for RCMP marked “Social Musical Ride 2022”.

“Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground,” writes one member named Andrew Nixon.

That evoked laughter from other RCMP officers who jokingly said, “this is a kinder gentler RCMP”. Nixon replied, “OK, we can give out free hugs and unicorn stickers”.

Another RCMP officer named Marca referred to a shocking incident where RCMP riot horses charged into the crowd of protesters, knocking over and injuring an elderly lady. Marca wrote, “Just watched that horse video — that is awesome! We should practice that manoeuvre.”Nixon replies, “Agreed!”

Another officer named Derek Quilley posted a video called“police horses trample peaceful … Continue reading

Arms planted?—sabotage

I’m sure it was a lie when I heard on #CFRA that protesters in Coutts, AB had brought automatic weapons and they had just been seized by the RCMP – I asked to Ottawans about this, and they  promptly started laughing at me ! watch that live on my Twitch right here:

JT’s INCREDIBLE AH in.citation

and scapegoting minorities w hate speech makes for xxxPensive lawsuits on taxpayer dime. Try the unbearable crime minister already!

It is galvanizing to watch these machines finally turned against the stream.

Trucks have a special fascination and always will have because no matter what the fuel of the future is going to be

the fascination with a big shiny machine is never going to end as long as humans are humans.

It is very interesting to note how all this is organized on a somewhat free array of networks allowing for into action and two-way media where even the audience can participate in fact the audience can become the media at any time and now that many of us have these resources in place

the black out in main stream will not matter anymore

And in dependency crystallized union organizations have no significance nor do industry associations – in … Continue reading

Convoy Updates

described OPP and RCMP reactions along the way and in handling the enormity of this convoy as „nothing but smiles and love” – at the same time it’s being reported that Spanish and police internationally all over Europe have decided to just side with the protesters.

The greatest of all Canadian cowards meanwhile has to isolate at the cottage because he was exposed to “Covid”.


To all the willing executors of these two completely Mafia identical organizations for profit corporations strangulating and choking this continent –

this is YOUR end times.

Your own dogs are coming to bite you !

people write songs about it!

Convoy commentary

So you want fascism?

I found out it’s 50,000 trucks just on the Canadian side. They are joined by American truckers, adding another 40,000 trucks? Both vaccinated and unvaccinated truckers are fighting back against the government. We need it.

I’m sick and tired of the government overreach, and violations of human rights.

The truckers bring your food and supplies. Daily. They’re blocking borders on both sides. I hope you’re stocked up.

We don’t need all of these restrictions because people are scared of a cold. We need the truth to come out, you won’t get that from CBC, or any other news source who received that billion dollar payout.

Keep complying with this corrupt government and believing the corrupt media.

We’ll be in a fascist dictatorship oops… we’re already in one.

It’s going to get ugly if everyone’s grocery store shelves are empty because the government has mandated every trucker … Continue reading

Westbound meets eastbound Convoy

Thank you to Patrick King for capturing these really important images and also Patrick thank you so much for fighting for all of us and taking on the biggest oppressor in the land in court and winning. Canada owes u. Liberty toujours!