No double checking @ The Ottawa Citizen when forwarded info from police

I have spoken with Claire Brownell who handed my call 2 David Wrigley @ The Ottawa Cititzen. That conversation I recorded. U can listen 2 it right here:

phone Interview with David Wrigley @ The Ottawa Citizen

where David Wrigley from the Ottawa Citizen admits 2 not checking the info coming from police and naively claims, “there is no political agenda”, never having researched any of what was just published.

After I voiced my concerns about the false statements on the website of The Ottawa Citizen from the 19. March, the mistake was hastily corrected, obviously without any additional research or double checking on the content on my input, and remained wrong, as The Saudi-Embassy is on Sussex Drive over looking the Ottawa River, not in the Byward Market, as I explained while on the phone with David Wrigley.

Also, still no word about the protest against the … Continue reading

Anti-Saudi-protests misreported by major Ottawa media

I joined a group of protesters Saturday afternoon at about 4.30h pm EST on Sussex Drive/US embassy and would like 2 note the following observations – March 20th, 4.31 am EST:

First of all, a very basic check (asked different protesters if they knew where the Bahraini embassy in Ottawa were with all of them declining any knowledge, then google with a listing in Washington, DC) seems 2 indicate that Canadian-Bahraini affairs are dealt with over only two North American diplomatic missions of the Island Kingdom, one to the US in the capital of Washington, the other to the Unites Nations in New York. No diplomatic mission of Bahrain to Canada, according to the web site of the government of Bahrain:

Boteler Street was closed off and so was Sussex Drive, yet that safety measure was taken by what appeared a well … Continue reading