Bob Rae (Liberal Party of Canada) illustriert Rechtslage bezüglich First Nations’ Land

Anmerkung der Redaktion: This is far from being a “down dressing” and it speaks of your ignorance how media really works 2 sell it off that way, Occupy Canada – Milewski might be applying a certain journalistic method which results in a more powerful answer of his interview partner. Even… Continue reading

Election fraud – Robocalls update/background

Wähler in sieben Wahlkreisen seien mit Telefonmarketing zum falschen Wahllokal gelockt worden, so eine Umfrage, die vom Council of Canadians in Auftrag gegeben wurde. In jedem davon gewann der Kandidat der Konservativen Partei. Die im Kontinent überall vertretene Bürgerrechtsgruppe bezweifelt die Legimität der Ergebnisse in jenen Wahlkreisen. Ein Update zusammengestellt… Continue reading

what a storm – wind of change?

This is 2 let y’all know that the playlist 4 April is coming soon, but also really interesting show on CBC radio 1 Winnipeg, about the arts and how much and in which way the are or have been part of party policies – did u know that CTV and… Continue reading

Lindy und die Polizei

Did you know that Provincial Police – across Canada do not keep any record of the strip searches that they perform? – with their persistent refusal to integrate records of strip searches, to obtain the permission of a supervisor and to respect gender with same sex officers violate the order… Continue reading