BarKanada wieder auf Sendung am kommenden Samstag

John Roby habe ich gerade erst endeckt, kam 2011 heraus. Spiele ich in der nächsten Sendung am Samstag, dem 11. Mai, live stream hören auf, 11am EST/17h MEZ.

Hier ist ein Walrus-Artikel
, der die Song Lyrics zum Nachlesen anbietet, und auch etwas Hintergrund, wie der kanadische Premierminister Stephen Harper das Parlament außer Kraft setzte.

What pipe dream vexes North America

Very revealing article in The Tyee here.

“(…) (For the record, the oil industry is not a jobs machine. It is the world’s most capital-intensive industry and earns more than 10 per cent of the world’s GDP. But it only employs less than one tenth of one per cent of the world’s workers. In Canada it accounts for but 1.8 per cent of the workforce.)

No matter. TransCanada’s immodest economic models, for example, piped out job estimates 13 times greater (199,000) than those done by U.S. State Department (5,000 to 8,000) over a three- year period.

A 2011 Cornell University Global Labor Institute report crunched the numbers too and revealed that the project’s construction would inject no more than $4-billion into the U.S. economy and only create between 2,500 and 4,650 jobs. (…)”

The return of Helena Guergis – das Aufräumen nach der Dreckschlacht der Cowboy-Party part II

The former Minister for the Status of Women launches a 1.3 million dollar law suit against the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and more under allegations of conspiracy and defamation.

Way to go Helena Guergis.

31 pages on how Prime Minister Steven Harper, some assistants and entourage bullied the promising Minister for the Status of Women outta there. I’m getting the popcorn ready. Looks like a can of bad assets rebuttal. Just hoping the Crown’s gonna get a handle on the documentation before the Cons delete it all. They do seem to be able to press buttons …

I would wish some judicial consequences, for a head of government, but also for everybody else who was not hesitant to throw a lot of dirt on a public servant. Her reputation was trashed on accusations (delivered 2 Stevie from a bankrupt private investigator owing two million … Continue reading

How 2 run this world – ein philosophischer Spaziergang.

I was reading this article about the convoluted use of the term libertarianism by Neo-Cons all over North-America and commented on facebook, so these statements emerged. I am publishing here in hope of outlining some historic facts, trying 2 tie some things 2gether and sort through some rather arbitrary ugliness. And trust me, I’m just trying 2 get through this without getting hurt. Calling it like I see it, the new name of the game.

A friend of mine: “Start with the headline…Bastardized libertarianism. That is incorrect. Libertarianism has not been bastardized. It was always wrong, right from the start. It still exists in its pure form and it is still wrong. It is and always had been a thinly guised pseudo philosophy to justify selfishness. The problem from the start has been its name, which is a bastardization of the terms liberty and liberalism, yet it does not … Continue reading

BarKanada wieder auf Sendung am kommenden Samstag!

Update DEC 6 2011: Mit Richard Carr habe ich auf’m St-Laurent in Montréal Cappuccinos geschlürft – am Samstag werde ich einen Titel von seiner neuen Scheibe spielen! Hier ist ein Artikel mit Hinweis auf eine Blues-Radio-Sendung, der den Montréaler Blues-Musiker auch erwähnt. Bis denne!

2nite on “The National“, income gap in Canada interestingly illustrated, nice choice of voices, but super funny from 9.06 on – they call’em Mr. and Mrs Marcozy – ahahahaha! and that’s not all: very informative overview on reserve life-style all over C (why that would fair behind a Euro-story, even if somewhat epic, 4 a Canadian broadcaster, kinda concerns me a bit) with the corniest Mansbridge in a long time in the end – nothing like the CBC, aeh?

Keppler 22b, here I come. I did it once, I can do it again. Love this article: “Personally, I am faintly tired … Continue reading